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Musician / Producer / Dj / BigDreamer Born on March 4th, 1985 from an early age he cultivated his passion for music, first studying piano for ten years, then devoted to dance music typical of the 90s, almost reaching the modern world collecting vinyl records and CDs. His education refined, updated, innovative means that Nicky Wide is always up to date about the music scene that comes before and never catches him unprepared. At the beginning of his career, the work of DJ was not very popular, that’s why Nicky can be defined to all intents and purposes a "self-made man" :since 2000, he has worked in well-known clubs in Milan , increasing his desire to do what he really loves: the music. His simplicity, his commitment, his passion, his complete devotion to this world, but especially his twelve years experience, have earned him the achievement of important goals such as collaborations with famous artists both national , and international. The research of ever-changing sounds, the study of music and discs’ production led to the opening of his own studio, the “Wide Heart Studio”, where he can fully express his passion through music production thus being able to deepen his taste for electro and progressive house music. The artists who have particularly influenced him are Michael Jackson and the Fatboy Slim, two of the most important personalities in the vast musical landscape. They allowed Nicky to rise that extra step to change his musical vision, always in “tune” with the times and trends of the moment. Design, art, graphics are the other interests of Nicky, but most important to him is the journey: travelling transmits him passion, energy and gives him the chance to discover music, sounds, melodies, new pieces in a continuous relationship with the “other”. "Choose a job you love and you'll never work, even for one day in your life" just like Confucius claimed, Nicky is the same: wherever there are passion, love for its own job and dedication, there is no effort.
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